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Quality muscle provides benefit to nearly every aspect of physical health and performance. Unfortunately, as we age muscle decreases and health challenges increase. However, exercise routines have slowly evolved from standard, single body movements to full body, functional movements. Full body exercise routines are great for overall well-being. They provide one of the best environments for muscle growth and retention.

Deadlifts are one of the best overall exercises utilized today. It entails lifting a barbell from the floor to waist level utilizing the legs. Some prefer using an overhand and underhand grip to hold the barbell. This provides better leverage and strength to hold heavier weights. However, heavy weight is not necessary to receive benefit from the movement. Deadlifts encompass the legs, glutes, back, abdominals and many other muscles to execute.

Hill sprints are also excellent exercises for overall muscle and cardiovascular development. Remember, the heart is the most important muscle in the body. Sprints utilize many of the aforementioned muscles that work against gravity and hill resistance. Other exercises include the standing shoulder press and squat. While these exercises are excellent movements for muscle development, they require skill and should only be attempted under supervision or by experienced individuals.

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