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HealthShares™, Inc. is an investment company with a series of 20 underlying fund portfolios. Each Fund offers shares, known as HealthShares™ that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (“NYSE”). HealthShares™ are not individually redeemable by the Funds but trade on the NYSE in individual share lots. Each Fund seeks to invest in a portfolio of securities that substantially replicates a particular benchmark index (the “Underlying Index”). Each HealthShares™ ETF owns 22-25 stocks (except for the HealthShares™ Composite, which features 80 stocks from the HealthShares™ Composite Eligible Indexes) that provide diversification as well as meaningful, concentrated exposure to a therapeutic Vertical.

HealthShares™ Funds are organized Vertically by therapeutic categories in pharmaceuticals, healthcare services, life sciences and biotechnology. Each Fund is focused on one vertical index and will provide both institutional and retail investors with the ability to invest in the complex and rapidly evolving sectors of healthcare, life sciences and biotechnology. Based on its own proprietary intellectual model, XShares Group has established specific, defined characterization/inclusion/exclusion criteria (the “Index Methodology”) that an issuer must meet in order to be included in an Underlying Index.

Each Underlying Index will be administered by Standard & Poor’s, the Index Administrator, which will employ the Index Methodology to determine the composition of each Underlying Index. BNY Investment Advisors acts as the investment sub-adviser to the Funds and will be responsible for the day-to day management of each Fund’s portfolio, which involves principally reconfiguring the portfolio of each Fund, typically quarterly, to reflect any reconfiguration in the Underlying Index by the Index Administrator.

Funds employ a low-cost passive management investment approach designed to track the performance of the Underlying Index. Funds will generally invest at least 90% of its assets in common stocks of companies in the underlying Index.

XShares Advisors, LLC (the “Advisor”) serves as the investment adviser to each Fund. Bank of New York is the administrator and Custodian for each fund.