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Companies in Our Funds

Company NameFunds
Abiomed IncCardio Devices
Abraxis Bioscience IncCancer, Composite, Neuroscience, Infectious Disease
Accelrys IncEnabling Technologies
Actelion LTD-REGComposite, Respiratory/Pulmonary, European Drugs
Active Biotech ABAutoimmune-Inflammation
Adams Respiratory Therapeutics Inc.Respiratory/Pulmonary
Adolor CorporationGI/Gender Health, Neuroscience
Advanced Medical Optics Inc.Composite, Ophthalmology
Adventrx Pharmaceuticals Inc ComEmerging Cancer
Aeterna Zentaris INCGI/Gender Health, Emerging Cancer
Affymetrix Inc.Enabling Technologies
Akorn IncOphthalmology
Alexion Pharmaceuticals IncCardiology, Composite
Alizyme PLCGI/Gender Health
ALK-Abello A/SEuropean Drugs
Alkermes IncMetabolic-Endocrine Disorders, Composite
Allergan Inc.Composite, Ophthalmology
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals IncRespiratory/Pulmonary
Amsurg Corp.Ophthalmology
Amylin PharmaceuticalsMetabolic-Endocrine Disorders, Cardiology, Composite
Angiodynamics IncCardio Devices
Angiotech Pharmaceuticals INCardiology, Dermatology and Wound Care
Anika Therapeutics IncOphthalmology
Applera Corp-Applied Biosystems GroupComposite, Enabling Technologies
Apria Healthcare GroupPatient Care Services
Arena Pharmaceuticals IncMetabolic-Endocrine Disorders
Ariad Pharmaceuticals IncEmerging Cancer
Array Biopharma IncEmerging Cancer
Aspreva Pharmaceuticals CorpAutoimmune-Inflammation, Composite, Neuroscience
Atherogenics IncCardiology
Atrion Corp ComCardio Devices
Auxilium Pharmaceuticals IncGI/Gender Health
Axcan Pharma INCComposite, GI/Gender Health, Emerging Cancer
Bard (C.R.) Inc.Composite, Cardio Devices
Barr Pharmaceuticals Inc.Cardiology, Composite, GI/Gender Health, Neuroscience, Infectious Disease
Barrier Therapeutics IncDermatology and Wound Care
Basilea PharmaceuticaComposite, European Drugs, Infectious Disease, Dermatology and Wound Care
Bausch & LombComposite, Ophthalmology
Bavarian Nordic A/SEuropean Drugs, Infectious Disease
Beckman Coulter Inc.Diagnostics, Composite, Enabling Technologies
Bespak PLCEuropean Medical Products and Devices
Biocryst Pharmaceutical IncEmerging Cancer
Bioenvision IncEmerging Cancer
Bio-Rad Labs Inc ADiagnostics
Biovail Corp. (US)Cardiology, Composite, Neuroscience
Bradley PharmaceuticalsDermatology and Wound Care
Brookdale Senior Living Inc.Patient Care Services, Composite
Cambrex Corp.Enabling Technologies
Cardiac Science Corp.Cardio Devices
Cardiome Pharma CorporationCardiology
Carl Zeiss Meditech AGOphthalmology, European Medical Products and Devices
Celera Genomics Group-ApplerDiagnostics, Enabling Technologies
Cell Genesys IncEmerging Cancer
Cephalon IncCancer, Composite, Neuroscience
Cepheid IncEnabling Technologies
Chemed CorporationPatient Care Services
Coley Pharmaceutical GroupEmerging Cancer
Collagenex Pharmaceuticals IncDermatology and Wound Care
ColoplastEuropean Medical Products and Devices
Combinatorx Inc.Autoimmune-Inflammation
Community Health SystemsPatient Care Services
Cooper Companies (The)Composite, Ophthalmology
Corin Group PlcEuropean Medical Products and Devices
Crucell NVComposite, European Drugs, Infectious Disease
Cryolife Inc.Cardio Devices
Cubist Pharmaceuticals IncInfectious Disease
Cv Therapeutics IncCardiology
Cytokinetics IncEmerging Cancer
Cytos Biotechnology AG-REGAutoimmune-Inflammation
Cytyc Corp.Diagnostics, Composite
Dade Behring Hldgs IncDiagnostics, Composite
DatascopeCardio Devices
Davita IncPatient Care Services, Composite
Dendreon CorpComposite, Emerging Cancer
Dentsply InternationalComposite
Depomed IncMetabolic-Endocrine Disorders
Discovery Laboratories IncRespiratory/Pulmonary
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories LimitedMetabolic-Endocrine Disorders
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories LimitedComposite, GI/Gender Health
Draegerwek AGEuropean Medical Products and Devices
Dynavax Technologies CorpAutoimmune-Inflammation
Edwards Lifesciences Corp.Cardiology, Composite, Cardio Devices
Elan Corporation plc (ADR)Autoimmune-Inflammation, Composite, Neuroscience, European Drugs
Elekta AB-B SHSEuropean Medical Products and Devices
Emisphere TechnologiesMetabolic-Endocrine Disorders
Encysive Pharmaceuticals IncCardiology, Respiratory/Pulmonary
Endo Pharmaceuticals HldgComposite, Neuroscience
Endologix IncCardio Devices
Enzo BiochemAutoimmune-Inflammation, Infectious Disease
Enzon IncEmerging Cancer
EV3Composite, Cardio Devices
Exelixis IncCancer
Faes Farma SAEuropean Drugs
Fielmann AGComposite, Ophthalmology
Flamel Technologies - SP ADRMetabolic-Endocrine Disorders, Infectious Disease
Foxhollow Technologies IncCardio Devices
Fresenius Medical Care AGDiagnostics, Cancer, Composite
Fresenius Medical Care AG & CO KgaaPatient Care Services
Genesis HealthcarePatient Care Services
Genmab A/SAutoimmune-Inflammation, Composite, European Drugs
Gen-Probe Inc.Diagnostics
Geron CorpEmerging Cancer
Getinge AB-B SHSEuropean Medical Products and Devices
GPC Biotech AGEuropean Drugs
GPC Biotech AG-Sponsored ADRCancer
Grifols SAEuropean Drugs
Gtx IncMetabolic-Endocrine Disorders, Composite, Emerging Cancer
GW Pharmaceuticals PLCAutoimmune-Inflammation
Gyrus Group PLCEuropean Medical Products and Devices
H Lundbeck A/SComposite, Neuroscience, European Drugs
Hana Biosciences Inc.Emerging Cancer
Health Management Assoc.Patient Care Services
Health Net Inc.Patient Care Services, Composite
Healthsouth CorpPatient Care Services
Healthways Inc.Patient Care Services
Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLCEuropean Drugs
Hillenbrand IndustriesEnabling Technologies
Hologic Inc.Diagnostics
Hospira Inc.Composite, Infectious Disease
Human Genome SciencesMetabolic-Endocrine Disorders, Cancer, Autoimmune-Inflammation, Cardiology, Composite, Infectious Disease, Enabling Technologies
Idenix Pharmaceuticals IncInfectious Disease
Idexx LaboratoriesDiagnostics
Illumina IncEnabling Technologies
Imclone SystemsCancer, Composite
Immucor Inc.Diagnostics
Immunomedics IncAutoimmune-Inflammation
Indevus Pharamceuticals IncGI/Gender Health
Innogenetics NVInfectious Disease, Dermatology and Wound Care
Insite Vision Inc ComOphthalmology
Integra Lifesciences HoldingsComposite, Dermatology and Wound Care
Intercell AGEuropean Drugs
Intermune IncRespiratory/Pulmonary
Inverness Medical InnovationsDiagnostics
Invitrogen Corp.Enabling Technologies
ION Beam ApplicationsEuropean Medical Products and Devices
IpsenMetabolic-Endocrine Disorders, Cancer, Composite, Neuroscience, European Drugs
Isis PharmaceuticalsComposite, Emerging Cancer
Ista Pharmaceuticals Inc.Ophthalmology
Kensey NashCardio Devices
Keryx BiopharmaceuticalsEmerging Cancer
Kindred Healthcare IncPatient Care Services
King PharmaceuticalsComposite, GI/Gender Health, Respiratory/Pulmonary, Neuroscience, Infectious Disease
KV Pharmaceutical Co ARespiratory/Pulmonary
Kyphon IncComposite, Cardio Devices
Laboratory Corp. of America HoldingDiagnostics, Composite
LCA Vision Inc.Ophthalmology
Lifecell CorpDermatology and Wound Care
Lifepoint HospitalsPatient Care Services
Ligand Pharmaceutical IncMetabolic-Endocrine Disorders, Autoimmune-Inflammation, GI/Gender Health, Dermatology and Wound Care
Lincare HoldingsPatient Care Services
Luminex CorpEnabling Technologies
Magellan Health ServicesPatient Care Services
Mannkind CorpMetabolic-Endocrine Disorders
Manor Care Inc.Patient Care Services, Composite
Marshall Edwards INCEmerging Cancer
Matrixx Initiatives IncRespiratory/Pulmonary
Meda ABEuropean Drugs
Medarex IncCancer, Autoimmune-Inflammation, Composite, GI/Gender Health, Respiratory/Pulmonary, Infectious Disease
Medicines CompanyCardiology
Medicis PharmaceuticalComposite, Dermatology and Wound Care
Medigene AGDermatology and Wound Care
Mentor Corp.Composite, GI/Gender Health, Dermatology and Wound Care
Meridian BioscienceDiagnostics
Merit Medical Systems Inc.Diagnostics, Cardio Devices
Metabasis Therapeutics Inc
MGI Pharma Inc.Cancer, Composite, Neuroscience
Millennium PharmaceuticalsCancer, Autoimmune-Inflammation, Cardiology, Composite, Neuroscience, Enabling Technologies
Millipore Corp.Composite, Enabling Technologies
Momenta Pharmaceuticals IncCardiology
Mylan LaboratoriesCardiology, Composite, Neuroscience, Infectious Disease, Dermatology and Wound Care
Myriad Genetics IncDiagnostics, Cancer
Nastech Pharmaceutical CoMetabolic-Endocrine Disorders, GI/Gender Health
Nektar TherapeuticsMetabolic-Endocrine Disorders, Autoimmune-Inflammation, Respiratory/Pulmonary, Infectious Disease
Neurochem INCNeuroscience
Neurocrine Biosciences IncGI/Gender Health
Nicox SAMetabolic-Endocrine Disorders, Respiratory/Pulmonary, European Drugs
Nmt Med Inc ComCardio Devices
Nobel Biocare Holding AGEuropean Medical Products and Devices
Novadaq Technologies INCOphthalmology
Novamed Inc Del ComOphthalmology
Noven PharmaceuticalsGI/Gender Health
Novo Nordisk A/S - B SharesEuropean Drugs
NPS PharmaceuticalsMetabolic-Endocrine Disorders
Nuvelo Inc.Cardiology
Omega Pharma SAEuropean Drugs
Onyx Pharmaceuticals IncCancer
Optos PLCEuropean Medical Products and Devices
Orasure Technologies IncDiagnostics
Osi Pharmaceuticals IncMetabolic-Endocrine Disorders, Cancer, Composite, Ophthalmology
Oxigene IncOphthalmology
Pall Corp.Composite, Enabling Technologies
Par Pharmaceutical Cos.Cardiology, Composite, Neuroscience
PDL Biopharma Inc.Cancer, Autoimmune-Inflammation, Composite
Pediatrix Medical GroupPatient Care Services
Peregrine Pharmaceuticals IncEmerging Cancer
PerkinelmerEnabling Technologies
Perrigo Co.Composite, Dermatology and Wound Care
Pharmaxis LTD-GDRRespiratory/Pulmonary
Pharmion CorpCancer
Phonak Holding AG-REGEuropean Medical Products and Devices
Photocure ASADermatology and Wound Care
Possis Medical Inc.Cardio Devices
Prim SAEuropean Medical Products and Devices
Progenics Pharmaceuticals IncComposite, Emerging Cancer
Prostrakan Group PLCMetabolic-Endocrine Disorders
Psychiatric SolutionsPatient Care Services
Qiagen N.V.Enabling Technologies
QLT INCCancer, Ophthalmology, Dermatology and Wound Care
Q-Med ABEuropean Medical Products and Devices
Quidel CorpDiagnostics
Recordati SPAEuropean Drugs
Regeneron PharmaceuticalsCancer, Ophthalmology
Resmed Inc.Diagnostics, Composite, Respiratory/Pulmonary
Respironics IncComposite, Respiratory/Pulmonary
Rigel Pharmaceuticals IncAutoimmune-Inflammation
Salix Pharmaceuticals LtdGI/Gender Health
Sangamo Biosciences IncEnabling Technologies
Santarus IncGI/Gender Health
Schwarz Pharma AGComposite, GI/Gender Health, Neuroscience, European Drugs
Sepracor Inc.Autoimmune-Inflammation, Composite, Respiratory/Pulmonary, Neuroscience
Shamir Optical Industry LtdOphthalmology
Shire PLC (ADR)Cancer, Composite, Respiratory/Pulmonary, Neuroscience, Dermatology and Wound Care
Sigma-AldrichComposite, Enabling Technologies
Sinclair Pharma PLCDermatology and Wound Care
SkyepharmaRespiratory/Pulmonary, Dermatology and Wound Care
Smith & Nephew PLC (ADR)Composite, Dermatology and Wound Care
Solvay SAMetabolic-Endocrine Disorders, Cardiology, Composite, GI/Gender Health, Neuroscience, Infectious Disease
Sonosite IncDiagnostics
Sorin SPAEuropean Medical Products and Devices
Spectranetics CorpCardio Devices
Speedel Holding AGCardiology
SSL International PLCEuropean Medical Products and Devices
St Jude MedicalComposite, Cardio Devices
Staar Surgical CoOphthalmology
Stada Arzneimittel AGEuropean Drugs
Stedim SAEuropean Medical Products and Devices
Stereotaxis IncCardio Devices
StraumannEuropean Medical Products and Devices
Sunrise Senior LivingPatient Care Services
Symyx Technologies IncEnabling Technologies
Synergy Healthcare PLCEuropean Medical Products and Devices
Tecan Group AG-REGEuropean Medical Products and Devices
Techne Corp.Enabling Technologies
Telik IncEmerging Cancer
Tenet Healthcare Corp.Patient Care Services
Tercica IncMetabolic-Endocrine Disorders
Theravance IncComposite, GI/Gender Health, Respiratory/Pulmonary, Infectious Disease
Thoratec CorpCardio Devices
TLC Vision CorpOphthalmology
Triad HospitalsPatient Care Services, Composite
UCB SAComposite
UCB SARespiratory/Pulmonary
United Therapeutics CorpCancer, Cardiology, Composite, Respiratory/Pulmonary
Univl Health Svs Cl'B'Patient Care Services
Valeant Pharmaceuticals Int'lComposite, Neuroscience, Infectious Disease, Dermatology and Wound Care
Varian Medical SystemsDiagnostics, Composite
Vascular Solutions Inc.Cardio Devices
Vectura Group PLCRespiratory/Pulmonary
Ventana Medical SystemsDiagnostics
Vertex PharmaceuticalsCancer, Autoimmune-Inflammation, Composite, Infectious Disease
Vical IncCardiology
Viropharma IncInfectious Disease
Volcano CorpCardio Devices
Warner ChilcottComposite, GI/Gender Health
Waters CorporationComposite, Enabling Technologies
Watson PharmaceuticalsMetabolic-Endocrine Disorders, Autoimmune-Inflammation, Cardiology, Composite, GI/Gender Health, Neuroscience, Ophthalmology, Infectious Disease, Dermatology and Wound Care
William Demant HoldingEuropean Medical Products and Devices
Xoma Ltd (Bermuda)Autoimmune-Inflammation, Emerging Cancer
Ypsomed Holding AGEuropean Medical Products and Devices
Zeltia SAEuropean Drugs
Zymogenetics IncCancer, Autoimmune-Inflammation